About Us

Yankee Woodworks

Yankee woodworks was formed in 2007 by my wife Kris and I. It was a moonlighting business to help keep her home with our kids. At one time we were wholesaling our rustic furniture to home decor stores in Upstate NY. Over the years the business has evolved from a custom furniture business into a clock making business that makes over 1,000 clocks per year. We just recently added this online store to our outlets.

We pride ourselves on our products and have a return rate of just 0.4%. We simply won't ship products that do not meet our high quality expectations. 

Build Time

It takes us just under two weeks from when the order comes in until it ships. At this time we build to order. Once the clock is built and painted depending on the color option in needs to sit for 3 days while the paint drys/cures. Unfortunately this can not be rushed. Once cured then the distressing and stenciling process takes place. Again there is a dry time before the clock can be put into a box for shipping.  

How the Clocks are made.

Each clock is handmade from rough cut lumber that is milled from a privately managed forest near the foot hills of the Adirondack Mountains. The saw mill is an old school circular mill that leaves the curved saw marks in the wood adding to the rustic look. Then the piece is built, it is hand painted, distressed,finished, stenciled,and packaged.

This process takes just under two weeks to complete allowing for the required dry/curing times. The clocks are shipped as soon as they are ready. Please allow us the time to build your clock. 


Environmentally friendly business.

Our shop is solar powered by 36 large solar panels that we installed a few years back. Our sawdust is used for bedding cows and our scrap wood is used for heat during the cold season in Upstate New York. Most of our paints and finishes are low VOC. We actually only produce about 1 bag of garbage week. 


Made in the USA

We are proud to say that our clocks are made in the USA including the box, woodworking, motors, hands, and hardware. We have specifically sourced the best motors we could find and low and behold they were american made. They were a bit more expensive then others but in this case you get what you pay for. We have a 1 yr. warranty on the motor. If it breaks with the first year we will ship you a new motor free of charge. 



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We do keep some of your information like mailing address and personal information this is needed so we may ship your product to you or provide you with additional information later. We do not share or sell you information, beside your review which is public. Your credit information is held by the merchant gateway like Paypal. We never see or possess your sensitive information.